The lingering insanity after 4 years of lies, hate, misogyny and greed

The insanity after 4 years of the dark side of the GOP and trumpism spreading lies, hate and misogyny has led to this crazy ass killing 5 and injure 40 at the parade in Waukesha, WI on Sunday. The idiot's name is Darrell E Brooks from Milwaukee. No reports on his motive yet.

He was a wanna-be rapper who declared himself as an as sasin, while the gangsta rap producers like to claim that it's just art imitating reality, these types with very low intellect, high on drugs and felling empowered by their delusions, will do silly madness.

This doesn't seem to be declining as so many believe the lies of "stealing the presidential election" and have vowed to vindicate at all cost. Then there are those who believe the pandemic is a hoax and intend to stop the vax process. Yet they don't see how these actions makes them exactly as those they hate and call "terrorists".